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Friday photo: A classic Cuban car

Red classic 1950s Chevrolet car in Havana, Cuba

1950s Chevrolet in Havana, Cuba

The classic 1950s American cars are so symbolic of Cuba. Some, like this gleaming example, are lovingly painted, polished and restored to their original glory. Others are shuddering lumps of rusty metal with no more than one working door, and at least three different paint jobs in evidence. But all mark the point at which time apparently stopped in this Caribbean island, when the revolution severed it from the rest of the world.

But time didn’t stop, of course – hence the rust, and the decay, and the peeling paint and crumbling concrete visible around Havana. The 50-year-old ideology feels old now, the people are weary, and the island prison is like its cars: a beautiful relic from the outside, but falling to pieces within.


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