About La Nomadita

I am a storyteller and picture-maker who has spent the past few years living and travelling in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, working on cultural and environmental tourism projects. On my travels, I have learned how to whip up a fish and plantain stew on an open fire, dance rudimentary salsa and flamenco, and the art of barefoot jungle trekking. Low points have included coming face to face with a Ugandan hippo, and being served mouldy injera at an Ethiopian wedding. High points included appearing on Bolivian TV and swimming with bioluminescence in an enchanted lagoon.

My stories have been published by the Sunday Times, The i News, Responsible Travel and Bradt Travel Guides, and have won an award from the British Guild of Travel Writers. You can see my paintings, photographs and designs in my portfolio.

Vicki Brown travel writer and photographer

3 thoughts on “About La Nomadita

  1. Hello Vicki, We met one morning at Susanne’s Poetry cafe…Congrats on your winning story which I read!
    I have a word press blog too. I notice you have and wonder if you know the ins and outs of wordpress – or do you have someone who helps you with it that I could contact? I know the basics ok but I prefer your layout to mine and would like to change mine without mucking it up.

  2. Hi Vicki,
    You have great content!
    I would like to chat with you for creating content around travel on a freelance basis if you are interested.
    Please, let me know when we can chat.
    Have an awesome day!

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